Why You Should Consider a Las Vegas for Your Elopement

Why You Should Consider a Las Vegas for Your Elopement

You don’t need to justify your elopement to the world, only to you and your partner! See why you should consider a Las Vegas wedding chapel for eloping here!

So the joys and high of your engagement is now over and the brutal reality of wedding planning has hit you… For the first time in your life, you’re thinking “maybe I should just elope in a Las Vegas wedding chapel.”

“You know, that might actually not be such a bad idea…”

If this is you then hold that thought, because in this short post we are going to share ‘Why You Should Consider a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for Your Elopement!’

Why elope?

Look, elopement isn’t for everyone but Huffington post tells us of at least 21 Couples Who Decided To Elope And Are Damn Glad They Did.

Here are a few reasons why you and your partner should at least consider eloping.

1. Money, money, money.

Before you accuse us of being unromantic at least hear us out!

Wedding costs are at an all-time high of $31,213 while guest lists are at an all time low… Oh and that price isn’t including a honeymoon.

The cost of living has gone up and newlyweds have better things to be spending their money on like rent.

Sadly a lot of times the couple doesn’t even care about the things they are spending money on but feel they have to keep up appearances, follow tradition and satisfy other people’s expectations

Eloping is significantly cheaper and allows you to spend the money on things you care about – like an awesome honeymoon.

2. Cut the stress.

Wedding planning is A LOT of stress:

  • Inviting guests taking into consideration budget, venue and politics…
  • Choosing a venue.
  • Selecting a menu.
  • Color coordination.
  • Decorations.
  • Seating arrangements.
  • Music.
  • Speeches.
  • Choosing a bridal party.

Everyone has their own opinion about these things and there are a lot of potentials ways to step on toes while wedding planning…

Eloping cuts all this stress out and allows you to focus on having a great day with your partner.

3. It doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your loved ones.

If you still want to include friends and family you have the opportunity to throw an awesome celebration later without all the fuss of a wedding.

Why not have a big BBQ party after your honeymoon? This is a much more casual and enjoyable way to celebrate without all the traditional drama.

4. You can go anywhere in the world to exchange your vows.

Say goodbye to your hometown because eloping means that you can go anywhere you desire to tie the knot with your partner.

There is something so romantic about getting on a plane with your soon-to-be spouse and starting the journey of marriage with an adventure.

Just make sure you take care of the legal side and do a little bit of research on your destination of choice about what is required to be legally married and ensure you get a marriage license.

5. Make it about your marriage – not the wedding.

The problem with many ceremonies today is that they are more focused on the wedding rather than the marriage itself.

With Bride/Groomzilla emerging trying to keep up with all the expectations it can be easy to forget about why you are getting married in the first place.

Elopement makes it all about the couple and gets rid of those other distractions.

This ensures that you have a truly romantic and authentic ceremony that the two of you will remember forever.

Why Vegas?

Eloping in Vegas has become a tradition/sub-culture of its own and you get to be a part of that!

Things to do.

  • Place a bet in a world famous casino.
  • Hit the shops.
  • Visit the restaurants of world-renown chefs.
  • Explore the iconic strip.
  • Get into nature at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.
  • Go see a show.

Be treated like royalty.

Vegas is renowned for its excellent customer service and experience for visitors meaning that it makes a great place for your honeymoon, or at least the first part of it!

Why not stay the globally famous Caesars Palace or one of the many other first class hotels in Vegas?

It’s your wedding so you both deserve to be treated like royalty.

Do it all in the one place.

Where else in the world can you have a bachelorette/bachelor’s party, get married and honeymoon all in the one place!?

This is one of the benefits of a Vegas wedding.

Getting married here is a simple, stream-lined process.

Las Vegas has easy marriage laws making it a simple process to get married and usually involved no waiting period (or blood tests.)

Even if you are coming from overseas your chapel will be able to walk you through everything you need to do so that you can elope here in the city of lights.

It’s one of the few places in the world you can fly into, pick up your marriage license and get married in the same day.

Why a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel?

Getting married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel is a fun, memorable and fully customizable experience.

Las Vegas wedding chapels can take care of all your needs for the big day, from flowers to photography, to music.

They can provide pretty much everything meaning that you don’t have to do any worrying or planning, just show up and they will take care of the rest.

You are in full control of what you want to get out of your ceremony and can even have a fun add-ons like:

You don’t even need a witness to get married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel as they can provide one for you at no extra charge.

Vegas chapels are flexible and can accommodate up to 75 guests comfortably or make it a small and personal affair with just the couple.

Why you should do it with us.

We have been helping people tie the know for over 75 years and have been the favorite for many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie.

With a wide range of packages, we can ensure that you can have the wedding of your dreams at an affordable price, with no stress involved.

Why not contact us and get your elopement plans started today?