Weddings at the famed Las Vegas Wedding Chapels started here. Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas began in 1942 with the construction of the Little Church of the West.

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Las Vegas Wedding ChapelsLittle Church of the West

Learn more about the wedding and vow renewal packages at the original Las Vegas Wedding chapel.

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Las Vegas Wedding ChapelsLittle Garden of the West

Learn more about the wedding and vow renewal packages at our beautiful garden venue

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Elvis WeddingElvis Ceremony

The Little Church of the West was featured in the closing scenes of the movie ‘Viva Las Vegas’ So what better venue for your Las Vegas Elvis wedding or Vow Renewal.


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Las Vegas Restaurants for Wedding Receptions

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Ceremony

For the Ultimate ‘Vegas’ Wedding we offer Wedding and Vow Renewal ceremonies at the world famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign.

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 themed las vegas weddingLas Vegas Harley Davidson Wedding

We have teamed up with our friends at Las Vegas Harley Davidson to offer the ultimate biker wedding chapel.


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Grand Canyon Wedding Grand Canyon & Valley of Fire

Arrive in style as you take a helicopter to either the Grand Canyon or Valley of Fire.  Both are stunning locations for you wedding or vow renewal.


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75 Years of Las Vegas Weddings

75 Years of Las Vegas Weddings 75 Years of Las Vegas Weddings.  Little Church of the West is gearing up for its 75th anniversary celebration in 2017! The first free standing chapel in Vegas It all started in 1942, when The Little Church of the West was built on the...
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Vegas Wedding Tips

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Help Plan Your Wedding Day

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Getting Married in Vegas

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Planning The Special Day

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Destination Weddings Las Vegas Beckons

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Las Vegas Chapel

The World Famous Little Church of the West is the most iconic Chapel in Vegas. We have been performing Las Vegas weddings and Las Vegas Vow Renewal ceremonies in our historic Vegas Wedding Chapel for over 70 years. In addition, we offer a charming Outdoor Garden Venue. Situated amongst pine trees on one acre of beautifully landscaped grounds, the chapel is located on the South end of the Las Vegas Strip, between Mandalay Bay and the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.  If you are looking at Las Vegas Wedding Chapels then we would love to make your big day a dream come true.

  Las Vegas Wedding Chapels 

Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas

We offer Vegas Weddings and Vow Renewals in the most historic Las Vegas Chapel. We also offer Las Vegas Outdoor Weddings in our beautiful Garden Wedding Venue.   Many Wedding Venues in Las Vegas can be found in downtown Las Vegas. Our Chapel is located on the South end of the Las Vegas Strip. Between Mandalay Bay and the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

wedding chapels in Las Vegas

Historic Wedding Chapel

 Since 1943, Vegas Weddings began with the Little Church of the West and has been the number one choice for couples from all over the world.  Our commitment to excellence and our top-notch customer service will surpass your expectations.   Weddings are our passion. Our wedding coordinators will work with you to plan your perfect Wedding or Vow Renewal.   Our professional photographers are the best in town. They are here to ensure that your Las Vegas Wedding Photos will truly be treasured. Get to know us! See the Wedding Chapel, the Garden Venue and read our reviews.

Historic Wedding Chapel

Choosing a Wedding Package

All of our Las Vegas Wedding Packages will make your day special. Whether you are looking for a themed or traditional Vegas weddings, we provide the best venue and experience in Las Vegas.

We have had many stars married at the Little Church of the West, wedding chapel. Come to our office to see many couples of the years who have made their vows in the same place you will!  Start planning your Las Vegas Wedding today.

Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Las Vegas wedding venues

If you prefer a small wedding with few guests, the Little Church of the West, wedding chapel will suffice your desire. Having a simple celebration doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself in terms of enjoyment and unique ideas. Instead of being satisfied with what other couples have done in the past, it would be great if you start a new trend.

Reserve your wedding date as early as possible

Of course, it is an advantage if you make an early reservation at least 2 months in advance. During holidays, many couples decide to travel in Las Vegas just to get married right away. You don’t want to go with the competition of the schedule reservation, right? Then, find time to coordinate with the wedding planner to make an advance arrangement. Do not forget about the exact date you want for your wedding. It is not enough that you are only prepared with the venue, wedding style, guests, and meals. The basic details should be decided accordingly.

Reserve your wedding date

What to wear at Wedding Chapels in Vegas

Aside from the venue, you will only look the perfect wedding dress and suit. It is always part of the plan to personally choose the clothes you are going to wear. Whether you want a traditional gown or a specially created one, the decision will be all yours. The other items like bouquet and decorations will just be provided by the wedding chapel you selected.

vegas weddings

Why choose the Little Church of the West

Little Church of the West, wedding chapel is the most popular option for its historic value.  No other Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas are listed on the registry of historic places.  No one can resist the chance to be married in this historic chapel. For more than 70 years, it had witnessed happy moments among couples. It was able to watch the genuine smiles, happy greetings, and sincere exchange of vows.

Best Wedding Chapels near me ?

Are thinking where is the best wedding chapels near me?  The Little Church of the West is the only free standing wedding chapel on the Vegas Strip.  Situated between Mandalay Bay and the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign. All other chapels in Las Vegas are located in downtown Las Vegas.

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There are many options when looking at Wedding Chapels Sin City. The choices range from elegant indoor venues to outside garden venues, with many options in between.

Among the classic Las Vegas Wedding Venues, one stands out far above the rest. The historic Little Church of the West, wedding chapel is the iconic Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. This quaint little wedding chapel has been voted “best wedding chapel” year after year by the locals in Las Vegas. The reason for this is simple; they provide the perfect wedding ceremony with top-notch customer service.

Weddings since 1942

Our historic chapel first started performing weddings in 1942. Since that time, it has been the landmark wedding chapel in Las Vegas. When couples are looking for a place to get married or renew their wedding vows, The Little Church of the West is always tops the list of Las Vegas Wedding Venues. The picturesque chapel is situated on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, right between Mandalay Bay and the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Being here on the manicured grounds with pine trees and foliage, you forget that you are on the busy Las Vegas Strip. Couples from all around the world choose to exchange their vows in this classic wedding chapel every day. We have also seen more celebrity weddings than any other venue.

Wedding Chapel

Whether you are looking for a quick last minute ceremony for just the two of you, or you are planning a larger event for a year or more out, we can accommodate your needs. Our chapel will seat up to 60 people and there is a maximum capacity of 75, so we have plenty of room for your family and friends. We also have our own on-site parking lot. Our team of professional wedding planners will assist you with all of the details of your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. You will not have to worry about finding a florist, a minister, photographers, or videographers. We will take care of all of these arrangements for you. You have the ability to customize our packages to suit you. If you want to say your own vows to each other, that’s not a problem. 

Music at your Wedding

If you have a special song that you want played while you walk down the aisle, we can arrange that for you. You can choose seasonal flowers for your bouquet; we have our own full service flower shop right here. And for your photos, our professional photographers are the best in Las Vegas. They have many years of experience in making your wedding photos the best that they can be. If you desire to be picked up in a limo, we can make that happen. We can arrange for limos from the elegant stretch limo to the party bus for 25 or more. There are so many options with your ceremony and our professional wedding planners will be able to help you every step of the way.

As far as Wedding Venues go, you really can’t go wrong with The Little Church of the West and their Las Vegas Wedding Packages.

 Off-Site Wedding Locations and Services


For a more unique wedding chapels in Vegas, you might want to consider getting married or renewing your vows at the Harley Davidson Wedding Chapel. This is the only one of the Las Vegas Wedding Venues where you will be able to start your married life surrounded by family, friends and hundreds of Harley Davidson motorcycles. This venue has seating for up to 50 guests, however, the large area for the chapel will allow up to 100 guests to attend. Three wedding or vow renewal packages are offered to suit any budget. We will take care of providing the minister, the flowers, the music, the video and the professional photography. Photography is such an important part of your special day. 

Capture the moment

Our talented professional photographers are passionate and experienced wedding photographers who will capture the moments of your ceremony and then take you on a photo tour of the Harley Davidson store. Of all of the Las Vegas Wedding Venues, the Harley Davidson Wedding Chapel offers the most diverse option in having a biker wedding. Just think about it: Ride all day. Get married. Play all night. It’s a perfect Vegas scenario.


Weddings at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

You’ve seen the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in countless movies and television shows. It is the one place that pretty much everyone, from every walk of life, stops at while in Las Vegas. Why not have your wedding here? With all of the Las Vegas Wedding Venues to choose from, having your wedding at the famous sign would certainly be a very unique experience. Whether you choose day or night, our photographers will capture the magical sign from different angles, while the two of you profess your love for one another. Your family and friends can attend this event and be included in the professional photo shoot that follows your ceremony. Getting married at the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign will surely be something you will never forget!


Choosing amongst the numerous Chapels in Las Vegas can be a daunting task. We are here to help you out. Planning your wedding or vow renewal ceremony should not be a chore! It should be an event that you will forever have fond memories of, not just a day overshadowed by a thousand little details. Let us free you from the hassle. We will handle all of the details for you. All you need to do is make the decision of which of the many Wedding Chapels to have your ceremony at. After that, everything will be easy and stress free!

Las Vegas Wedding Planners

The couples that come to our Wedding Venues to get married come from all around the world, every day. We have couples that pop in wearing jeans and tee shirts, and we have full, formal weddings complete with gown and veil and tuxedo. We can assist you with renting a gown and tux, getting your hair and make-up done, and even setting up a reception for you. Our wedding planners will be able to advise you and assist you with every aspect of your wedding day. We want this very special occasion to be just what you envisioned.

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